Although the prospect of 3D television is promising, the short-term setback makes people in consumer electronic industry evaluate this product again. The views from the television manufacturers in consumer electronic show had proved this point. The theme of the show is the 3D television, but manufacturers never stress on the 3D TV in this year’s show. 3D is regarded as a function of television, which can be used by customers in accordance with their interests. 3D is coming, and the acceptance of the 3D is related to the price and content; however, how to offer the customers with 3D is always changing.

Currently, customers are not willing to buy the 3D television with additional expense, because it lacks of content, and it needs the glasses to watch. Namely, the 3D television has the invisible cost, such as the 3D blue light player and glasses. Making the 3D as an attached function can give back the initiative to the customers. The television market needs more time to improve the picture and price. 3D corporations will continue to develop the technologies in the new fields. In this consumer electronics show, many activities is round three kinds of 3D, namely, active 3D, passive 3D and 3D without glasses. The choices will make the customer confused and delay their purchasing plan. Many brands are trying to release the passive 3D television, because its price is affordable, and the glasses are easy to wear. It still has some problems, but the customers will ignore it if it can offer them the 3D experience with reasonable price.