While so many people think that they have mastered the “art of making love”, it is often just a myth, if not more. There are so many mistakes that men often make while having the first time sex, be it the fundamentals or core activity, which can be a serious turn-off sometimes for their partner. Following is the list of mistakes that men often make while having sex which can be avoided just by paying a bit of attention-

  • Silent treatment- While men love to listen to their woman moan, they don’t do it themselves. This makes the woman feel isolated. Just like men, women love to know how the other person is feeling during the process. The occasional moans or sounds are enough to let the woman know your feelings and that you’re enjoying. Do not exaggerate otherwise it can also act as a turn-off.
  • Foreplay is an important part- the majority of men just get started with the act without any foreplay and do not give it the importance that it has. We are here to burst the bubble, but it is actually a big NO and can turn off your partner big time. Do not rush and try to take it slow. Women love it when there is a buildup. It may include kissing, cuddling, spooning or whatever you guys like.
  • Do not forget the clit- Although it’s different for every woman, but most women like the clitoral stimulation and enjoy it very much more than the actual act. Men often forget this part of the female body or may ignore it knowingly or unknowingly. On the other hand, do not run it too much. Doing it too much can result in pain for your partner.
  • Communicate- Do not assume that you already know everything. If it has worked for you previously, it might not work again. One of the biggest mistakes men make in bed is that they do not communicate enough with their partners. However, it can make things easier for both of you. Ask her for directions and her likes as well as dislikes. It will make the process so much easier and more fun. It will also make her feel valued.
  • Pay attention to her afterwards- Do not forget to pay attention to her after when you’re done. Make her feel desirable even after the act. Do not just leave her like that. Observe her and see to it if she needs anything as it might hurt sometimes. A little cuddling or kissing is enough to do wonders.

It is okay to make mistakes but do not repeat them again and again. Work on it and communicate with your partner to find out what the other person likes. It is important to be safe throughout the act. You can buy condom onlinefrom the variety of the product available online. For some, it’s just the main act whereas for others an oral can do the work. Whatever it is, just make sure that the act is consensual.