The new Vivo Y72 is just one of the latest devices by the brand that the company wishes to gain more market share: a mid-budget phone for less than 300 Euros that features a powerful 5G processor and is tipped with a high-end camera. In terms of hardware, the device has an excellent design, with two cameras on the rear (one for video recording purposes, the other for photo uploading) and a large, high-definition screen. The battery life is not great, but this could be considered normal for mid-budget phones in this price range – especially when using the built-in camera feature. There is also no word on whether the device will have any free software, or if it will be available at a download link once purchased. This review aims to assess if the vivo y72 smartphone has sufficient value to justify its asking price, or whether buyers will find it lacking in some areas.

Like many other handsets from the Chinese manufacturing group, the Vivo Y 72 has a dual SIM tray that is easy to remove and insert into another SIM card. To do this, you must remove the front cover, which protects the microSD slot. To access the slot, you must open the plastic frame, which has slots for three different types of memory cards – such as microSD and MMC. Weighing in at almost five grams, the phone is not too heavy, despite containing a powerful processor. The earpiece, speaker and keypad all work flawlessly. The dual camera system on the back is nothing special but does function properly, allowing you to take high-quality photographs and videos.

The problem with the Vivo Y72 lies in one regard: its lack of expandability. At almost 6. 58-inch, the handset’s screen is too large to fit on smaller hands, especially if they are thin. Fortunately, however, there are a number of devices that fit this phone, including the Meiji Yasuda Home Plus and the Phillips Sonicare Hurricane series. If your budget does not allow for the Vivo Y72, you may consider buying one of these cheaper phones instead.

One feature that may turn off potential buyers is the fact that the Vivo Y 72 comes with two radios: the standard GSM/GPRS combination, and the Xiaomi Mediatek dim density 700 (DDS). Both operate in the same manner, as they are both CDMA carriers. However, the former works much better, and can even support data at twice the rate of the latter. This means that the two phones will work almost identically, as long as you do not plan to use the same SIM card for both.

The battery power of the five Y 72 is also below the norm, although it is somewhat of a strange choice to have such poor battery power. This could be because the battery power of this phone is powered by a single AA battery. Even so, the average performance of this handset is quite good, especially considering the low battery power.

Despite the poor battery capacity, the video y 72’s features and functions are far from being useless. For one thing, it supports VoIP, which is a feature that most handsets do not. It also has one of the best sound quality, which is really important if you need to make calls on the move. Overall, though, it is difficult to find a downside to this device, especially when you take into account its high display quality, high-end camera, excellent video recording, and excellent web browsing capabilities.