Ever read advertisements for the accounting software package that makes it appear that if you buy it, you will save time and produce more money. Is it really a dream or maybe sometimes a nightmare.

Are you sometimes wondering about switching also or from the accounting software package?

You might be surprised to hear from CPA with websites and blogs and many online clients to question whether the accounting software is useful. How can an accountant in the Internet era suggest using anything except the computer to do your accounting?

Is there a place for a manual accounting system?

Yes there is time and place for everything. As an accountant, I have learned that we must always make cost analysis versus benefits. And there is a lot of costs to install, learn and use accounting software for small businesses.

First case study story

My client Gerry came to me through internet search. One thing that is not liked from his past accountant is that it makes it use software that is suitable for him. This was after years of Gerry used and analyzed his business with a simple writing system. This manual system that he uses allows it to facilitate reconciling the bank balance and summarize its income and expenditure. Gerry wondered why he had to turn to another. We agreed that “if not damaged don’t fix it”.

Case of case study two

Cathy felt very comfortable with a computer, even seemed to be born with a keyboard in his hand. Accounting software packages have software similar https://waverleysoftware.com/blog/yarn-vs-npm/ to the operating system they use and in a short time he is ready and running.

This software helps him make peace quickly and reports where the wind to make and in an instant they can get it to me. That means if he has questions, he will only send me a report and literally a few seconds later we both can see the report as if I was in his office.

Is that really that simple?

No! That’s why I devote many of my websites to help you come to the conclusion about how to continue. Even you know there are some very popular companies that offer a free work version of their package?