Crisis contraception is often a birth Management strategy with the avoidance of pregnancy following unprotected sex or failure of standard contraception. Countless Females in the united kingdom count on emergency contraceptive tablets, also referred to as the morning-following drugs, to stop undesired pregnancies. These products will help you in two eventualities:

Contraceptive failure (condom got torn or you forgot to acquire your typical contraceptive pill)
Unprotected sex (sexual intercourse without condom or another barrier system)
Exactly what are the options available to me?

As far as emergency contraceptives are involved, it is possible to pick possibly progestin-only drugs or blended capsules comprising oestrogen and progestin. The two ways of contraception are called hormonal contraception. But you should generally discuss with your doctor right before working with any emergency beginning Handle products.

Acquainted selection – ellaOne

Just in case you are looking for a contraceptive pill which you’ll be able to believe in as your 2nd line of defense, it is often advisable to go to the just one which numerous Women of all ages have presently decided on. ellaOne is without doubt one of the most secure emergency contraception  emergency contraceptive pills offered in the UK now. It’s got an impressive achievement charge. It really is approximated that 98 from one hundred women do succeed in preventing pregnancies with ellaOne. But it have to be taken in just a hundred and twenty hours from unprotected sex.

ellaOne is actually a progestin-only tablet, containing ulipristal acetate as being the Energetic ingredient. The active ingredient of ellaOne is usually a synthetic Variation of a woman sex hormone referred to as progesterone. It stops the ovaries from releasing eggs and in doing so, prevents pregnancy. The capsule is accessible while in the strength of 30mg.

Levonelle – Be ‘One Phase’ forward Together with the ‘morning right after capsule’

A further well known alternative in the UK, Levonelle 1 Move is also known as the ‘morning immediately after tablet’ thanks to its dosing program. You’ll want to go ahead and take tablet within just seventy two hours from unprotected intercourse. But so as to minimise the risk of pregnancy, you must acquire it right away just after sexual intercourse. Reports exhibit that Levonelle has long been ninety five% effective in stopping undesirable pregnancies when taken within 24 several hours from sexual intercourse. This contraceptive drug has levonorgestral as its Lively ingredient. It works by protecting against the ovaries from releasing eggs and in addition by altering the all-natural lining with the wombs. The drugs is out there in the energy of 1500mcg.


Emergency start Manage supplements neither defend you against sexually transmitted disorders (STDs), nor do they terminate pregnancies. So it is always advisable to use condoms as the principal line of defence. Equally, When you are previously pregnant, unexpected emergency contraceptives will not likely allow you to in terminating the pregnancy.

You shouldn’t breastfeed quickly just after getting ellaOne. Hold out for a minimum of 36 hours before you breastfeed once more. Even though taking Levonelle, watch out for allergic reactions with levonorgestral. You shouldn’t take the morning immediately after capsule if you have liver complications. Convey to your health practitioner just in case you are taking some other medications for ailments including epilepsy or any bacterial infections. In the event your up coming time period will get delayed by greater than every week, obtain a pregnancy exam done.