A great pair of jeans is among the most trendy and timeless pieces in your wardrobe, but what do you know what style is best for you? We’ve done all the hard work so that all you have to concentrate on is looking great. Check out our perfect jeans guidejeans fabric suppliers.


If you’re a person with a large figure, you must buy a pair jeans that fit properly that is not too loose or too tight. Choose a pair with an elongated boot or a some flare to increase the length of your legs. Side seams that are distinct and front stitching will flatter. A darker color will provide the appearance of a slimmer shape

Apples are shaped like

Another way to look stylish is with flared or boot cut jeans may make the appearance of having longer legs. You could also go for an edgier or faded wash along with pocket flaps and a detail on the back of your jeans can give the look of your bottom.

Pear forms

Straight, wide leg jeans are perfect for the pear-shaped silhouette because they help make your curves appear more balanced. Also, darker washes and distinct seam stitching on the sides will make the leg longer.

Short legs

Keep your jeans at full length No cut-offs! Avoid stretchy material however, crosshatch skinny jeans can look attractive.

Short torso

Slim-fit, low-rise jeans increase the length of your torso. Avoid high-waisted and tight jeans.

Long torso

High-waisted pants will even out your proportions, and give legs that appear longer. Jeans with a low rise should be avoided.

Color selection:

Blue jeans

Blue denim is the ultimate jeans and at the moment you can put them on dark for a casual, smart look with the perfect shape, or distressed for an old-fashioned look.

Black Jeans

The ultimate rock and roll style! The black jeans look more edgier than blue and they can be attractive if you’re trying to get slimmer lines.

White jeans

We’re here for summer and why wouldn’t we? White jeans look great on slimmer women. Please make an the effort to keep them as neat as you can in order to get the summer style.

Colored jeans

A stylish and trendy look and colored jeans will bring some brightness to your style and wardrobe throughout the year. Don’t buy more than a pair two since they’ll be out of fashion, probably in the same time they were introduced.

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