Polycarbonate is the most commonly used fabrication material by many companies today. This is a kind of plastic that can be used to produce various materials; Specifically in items that resist impact and transparent in nature. This is a kind of plastic called thermoplastic plastic or engineering due to transparency and its impact resistance. This plastic is widely used in many products such as glasses, in medical devices, automotive components, protective equipment, greenhouses, digital disks (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray lighting fixtures) and Blu-ray) and exterior lighting fixtures.

Polycarbonate heat resistant combined with fireproof materials makes them more popular among many business homes that are making fabrication ポリカーボネート板 メーカー products. The ability of the impact of the impact of polycarbonate fabrication is much higher compared to other plastic types. Like metal aluminum sheets, polycarbonate fabrication can be formed at room temperature. The flexibility of this transition is the main reason for using polycarbonate compared to other plastic materials by many companies.

Especially in the industry where resistance has high impact and transparency is needed, polycarbonate fabrication is widely used. Some applications where polycarbonates are used for other types of plastic are clear windows on prototype models, translucent color prototypes, clear tubes for prototypes of sports equipment, diffusers and light pipes for LEDs, clear molds for urethan and silicone casting, 3D print models for high The application is heating when abs is not a choice and a machine guard. Apart from this, colored polycarbonate is used even to reduce glare in LEDs. There are many polycarbonate varieties available to serve various company needs.

Various types of polycarbonate sheets are produced by different entities basically; Varies in the manufacturing formula. The variance in polycarbonate fabrication among different entities lies in the number of glass fiber containing and variance in the melting flow. Some polycarbonate fabrication consists of additives such as ultraviolet stabilizers that protect the sheets from long sun exposure. Although there are several types of polycarbonate fabrication that are dangerous in contact with foods that are equally safe and protective.

Dangerous polycarbonates are generally avoided by producers; Maintain client security. You can order for customized polycarbonate sheets if you want to produce many products. Fabrication using polycarbonate has become the most common process for many companies that make heat-resistant products and high impacts.