Skincare specialists throughout the world know this. The cheapest most effective beauty treatment is sleep. Nothing can give you the refreshed and relaxed look like a good restful night’s sleep. Without sufficient sleep the skin looks drier and older. Many people reach out to medications to get sleep, thinking that medicated sleep can be just as effective. If anything, medicated sleep can dry out the skin more, as well as set up the potential for addiction. When medications are prescribed for skin conditions, interestingly a mild tranquilizer is often included.

One of the most commonly prescribed sleep aids is Ambien. Ambien is reported to be addictive because users are finding that it takes more to achieve the same effect.鼻埋線 Rap star, Eminem, canceled a European tour last August after checking himself into a hospital. He claimed he was addicted to Ambien. This is where sleep is not too cheap.

Create a routine at bedtime. Use your self-care techniques as a nightly ritual. It allows you to unwind and if it’s a consistent routine then you don’t have to think about your actions. You will just go through the motions habitually and that will allow your mind to relax.

Cleansing your body with water can wash off the issues of the day, even if it’s just your hands, face and mouth. Cleanse minimally no matter how tired you are. If you had an extremely stressful day, a salt or milk bath with lavender is a great way to literally and metaphorically wash those events and stressors down the drain.

Limit beverages with caffeine throughout the day especially near bedtime.Make sure you have a quality bed and linens. Cotton linens make a significant difference in sleep comfort.Wear comfortable clothes to sleep in, preferably cotton, ideally organic cotton.Sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow.Another essential oil indicated for insomnia is Vetiver. The best place for this is on the bottom of your feet before you go to bed, then cover your feet with cotton socks.