When most people listen the call Peugeot, it’s typically an progressive, European-built car that involves mind. In truth, for over 2 hundred years the agency that was originally based inside the metal industry has had its lion emblem on an array of products other than vehicles, inclusive of bicycles, scooters, pepper mills, salt turbines, coffee grinders…And even dress crinolines. It’s interesting to notice the latter female get rose gold glass frames dressed accessory gave way the Peugeot automobile commercial enterprise. Fortunately for the wine fanatic, in 2006 the lion started out gracing an splendid line of crystal wine glasses. With its philosophy of combining “emotion with excellence,” Peugeot over again scored big inside the quality recreation.

Peugeot Wine Glasses

Peugeot manufactures a selection of wine glasses, but for the motive of this text, we will focus on 3 of the most popular: the Peugeot Esprit 180, the Les Impitoyables and the Les Universels traces.

Peugeot Esprit a hundred and eighty Wine Glasses

Besides imparting the mixture of beauty and functionality, this line has a completely unique advantage. They allow the taster all of the benefits of lots larger high-cease crystal wine glasses, at the same time as their smaller length takes up less space–they are able to without problems in shape within the pinnacle rack of the dishwasher (as I constantly say, I’m not an recommend of setting first-class crystal within the dishwasher but Peugeot says you could with the Esprit a hundred and eighty line except the crystal champagne glass). The angular shape of the Esprit wine glasses, together with the quantity of their bowls, permits for short release of every wine kind’s aromas and characteristics. The first-rate-high-quality rim that leads to the lip of the glasses is nearly undetectable, and the form of it permits for optimum exposure to the olfactory senses and site of the wine on the tongue. The glasses are mouth-blown and characteristic pulled stems, which means that the stem is a seamless a part of the glass–no longer a separate piece connected to the bowl. I in my opinion revel in pulled-stem wine glasses a bit better for no other cause than I just suppose they look a bit greater elegant. My two cents…

Types of Esprit a hundred and eighty Wine Glasses:

– Pinot
– Merlot
– Blanc
– Champagne
– Casual (tumbler-fashioned, no stem)

Peugeot Les Impitoyables Wine Glasses

French for “the pitiless,” the Les Impitoyables line of mouth-blown wine glasses from Peugeot offers up a few mind-set, together with a exceptional wine-tasting experience. Attitude due to the fact the line, designed to be “exacting contraptions for experts and enlightened amateurs,” opens up every sort of wine to its full capability–whether or not it’s the finest of the satisfactory…Or rubbish. These glasses are certainly designed to serve a reason while at the same time, they exemplify the Peugeot philosophy of coupling emotion with excellence–they’re just as aesthetically pleasing as they may be superior tasting glasses. Like the Esprit one hundred eighty series, the angular shapes and bowl sizes of the Les Impitoyables glasses are crafted to release the aromas and alcohols of each wine optimally, and to give the flavor notes, characteristics and bodies of every for the maximum honest presentation. Also just like the Esprit one hundred eighty line, the rim and best lip of the glasses are mind-blowing in that they optimize the transport of the wine to the olfactory senses and area it on the tongue with perfection. These are in-your-face glasses! You pays a chunk extra for them, but in case you want expert-degree tasting, they’re a terrific choice. The line also consists of a prevalent stemless tasting glass appropriate for all wine. A signature etched on its foot authenticates each Les Impitoyables glass.

Types of Les Impitoyables Wine Glasses:

– N1: Young Reds, Ross and Spirits
– N2: All White Wines
– N3: Mature Reds
– N4: Champagnes and Sparkling Wines
– Le TASTER Tasting Glass for All Wines

Peugeot Les Universels Wine Glasses

A more less expensive line of Peugeot wine glasses, Les Universels wine glasses offer wonderful brilliance, exceptional and craftsmanship. The line is “committed to the delight of dining,” improving the experience of a meal with simple beauty at the same time as at the same time providing capability for taking part in the type of wine for which they were designed. I specifically like this line because you get an brilliant wine glass for everyday use, but you do not should spend a lot to get it. The best drawback in this line as a long way as I’m worried is that it doesn’t offer a glass particularly for whites, that are my preferred; however, they do offer glasses specially for whiskey–always a plus, in my thoughts!