Doom 2 is a 1993 first-person shooter video game by id Software. It is the sequel to Doom, released in 1993. Doom II was distributed via floppy disks and CD-ROM; it also added support for Microsoft Windows 3.1x and Apple Macintosh computers. 

The game features single player, co-operative, and deathmatch modes of play, as well as an episode selection menu. While advancing through the levels of Mars City (shown during the game’s introductory sequence), six scientists are killed by creatures unleashed by an evil entity known as “the Cyberdemon”, leaving only two survivors – Drs.

“Tom” Howard and Dr. “Logan” Carter. They later receive radio transmissions from their dead colleagues that warn them about the cause of their deaths.

Dropped off by an underground service elevator, the player’s objective is to “reach the surface of Mars through Hell”.

After fighting past scores of enemies in claustrophobic environments while ascending levels of a giant cylindrical tower (referred to as the Tower of Babel), the player comes face-to-face with monstrosities that have taken over the base at various points along its expanse, including some dead marines who are found holding BFGs and other weapons. 

Eventually, after defeating numerous bosses and passing countless enemy creatures, he eventually reaches his destination – a demonic chapel where he terminates a Spider Mastermind that had been controlling all of these hellish forces. 

This leaves him only one enemy to face, the Icon of Sin.

The final boss is a massive demon head that shoots deadly fireballs from its exposed brains throughout the level while demons continuously emerge from portals in the floor.

Upon defeating it, a super-shotgun lies on the ground next to a dead human soldier. After picking up the weapon, the player pumps three shells into their chest and says “Die, you bitch!” The game ends with a shot of his heavily injured body slamming against a wall before slumping down and going limp while moaning in pain. The player then advances to another level via a giant door which opens upon beating the game once.