Getting lost in Thailand is one of the most common problems that foreign travelers have since they are unfamiliar with areas in Thailand such as highways, lanes, provinces, and so on. Furthermore, some persons are unaware of their current location, producing communication issues. Unfortunately, some international tourists are not fluent in Thai. As a result, I’d like to mention the following strategies for getting lost in Thailand

1.     Don’t be panicked

When you become disoriented, the first thing you should do is remain alert and relaxed. You must ensure that your destination is where you intend to go. Because if you panic, you may forget where you want to go.

2.     Using Google

Look for buildings or landmarks that are near to where you live. And use a search engine like “Google” or “Google Maps” to find out where you are in Thailand right now. I strongly advise you to use Google Maps since there is a tool that allows you to pick from “your position” to “your destination” and it will tell you everything such as how to get there, the time it will take by calculating from your method of transportation such as walking or taking the bus.

3.     Using the compass

            When you are lost, one of the things you should do is use the compass. You should have a compass or, if you have a smartphone, download a compass application to check your direction. Compass Steel, for example, is one of the applications available for Android.

4.     Asking others people near you

            When you become disoriented, seek assistance from someone nearby. However, don’t be afraid to speak English with Thai people. Because you can communicate more effectively by utilizing body language. Every location in Thailand will have a residence for the people that live there. So you may be sure that if you become confused about the routes, you can seek assistance from others around you.

5.     Asking Tourist Police

If you get lost while traveling in Thailand, I recommend you to contact the tourist police or call “1155” to ask for help. You can ask the route with the tourist police since the main duty is to help and provide safety for tourists. In Thailand, there are more than 25 Tourist Police Bureau over Thailand to provide security for the foreign tourists which cover all regions in Thailand such as Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham, Kalasin, Roi Et, Samut Prakan, or Thonburi.

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