Ultimate mats custom logo rugs are an eye-catching addition to any business. They also serve a practical purpose, helping prevent slip-and-fall accidents and reduce the amount of mud tracked into indoor areas.

They can also be printed with a motivational message or company-themed colors to reinforce the quality of your products, services, and brand. These mats also offer superior image clarity and longevity over similar vinyl products.


Personalized logo mats make excellent gifts for loved ones, friends, or business associates. Whether it’s a photo of someone’s pet or a special quote, they can be customized to fit any personality and make a lasting impression.

Ultimate mats have various customization options for custom logo rugs for your business. You can choose from different designs, colors, and materials to create the ideal floor mat for your business.

Our high-quality logo carpet mats provide a refined look for important locations where impeccable presentation is necessary. The plush nylon carpet top is durable and backed with nitrile rubber to ensure long-lasting performance.

The StainStopper(tm) and Perma-Dye(tm) technologies used to print the logos allow them to resist stains and to the soil from shoes, pets, or food. The fabric’s anti-fade properties also help maintain color performance and keep the mats looking great longer.

A highly durable and affordable option for your entranceway, these heavy-duty vinyl loop logo mats feature a distinctive laser-cut logo in vibrant color resistant to fading, mildew, or chemicals. They’re also self-draining and hold up to harsh abrasions and weathering.

They’re ideal for any environment, including residential and commercial lobbies, reception areas, and hallways. They also reduce scuff marks and minimize accidents from slip-and-falls by absorbing and preventing muddy feet.

Flocked Berber Logo Mats are a high-quality choice for 1-2 color designs with a hobnail pattern that scrapes shoes and removes debris from the feet. They’re also excellent for wet areas because they trap water and moisture, helping prevent fungus and mold.

These are the highest-quality logo mats available for high-traffic environments. Their dense high/low hobnail surface pattern works hard to scrape shoes and remove dirt, debris, and moisture.

They also are a good choice for reversible safety runners, which provide protection and comfort for employees who stand all day in the kitchen or other food service areas. They’re also a cost-effective and durable option for your entranceway, which makes a positive impression on visitors and conveys a professional image to customers.


Ultimate mats custom logo rugs are eye-catching displays of your company’s logo and practical floor coverings that keep employees and customers safe from slip-and-fall accidents. They reduce dirt and mud accumulation, making them ideal for commercial entranceways, reception areas, food service businesses, and more.

Our logo mats are manufactured with a high-density, durable carpet surface that provides exceptional plushness and image clarity. They also feature premium-grade dye injection technology, which delivers the most detailed designs and an extensive color selection.

The best part about these tufted carpets is that they’re stain resistant. The woven fibers are treated with StainStopper(TM) technology to prevent stains from soaking through the rug’s surface.

These logo rugs are made to last and can be machine-washed, dried, and cleaned multiple times. They’re also backed with non-skid rubber to keep them in place and prevent trips and falls.

They’re a great way to make a statement in any business environment, and they’re a perfect marketing gift for clients or customers who can appreciate your efforts to create a more pleasant workplace. If you want to create a unique custom logo mat, contact us for a quote!

Another type of logo mat that’s sure to impress is a reversible safety runner. This innovative design has a texture of tiny V designs that acts as an anti-slip and anti-skid mat for workers in kitchens.

A reversible mat is ideal for busy food service businesses. It can be an intelligent solution for protecting the feet of customers and staff while simultaneously saving you money on cleaning costs. Reversible mats are available in various sizes and can be customized with your logo or artwork.

Our best-selling reversible mats are constructed from a heavy-duty carpet material with a waffle surface design and rubber scraper. This technology is the secret behind their ability to remove dirt and moisture while producing a sharp logo effectively.

Design Options

A custom logo mat is an excellent way to welcome and remind customers of your brand as they enter your business. It not only displays your brand but also creates a great first impression that they will never forget.

Our custom logo rugs offer many design options to choose from. They can be used in various areas and are perfect for office entrances, reception areas, and service counters.

Classic Impressions ™ HD Logo Mats feature actual photographic quality images printed on plush nylon carpet using a 4-color process that achieves unlimited colors with more than ten times the resolution of competitive mats. Combined with Perma-Dye(tm) and StainStopper(TM) technologies and backed with 100% nitrile rubber, these mats are the ideal solution for high-traffic applications.

High Definition Logo Mats utilize state-of-the-art dye printing technology for radiation, shading, and highlighting of logo designs. The results are precise & accurate.

Designed to be easy to clean, these mats are made of heavy-duty textured rubber with a waffle design surface that is bonded to a durable, slip-resistant rubber backing. The raised texture helps scrape dirt and mud from shoes, making these mats ideal for businesses that need to promote their brand.

CompuTuft(tm) Custom Logo Floor Mats are made of Controller Weave(tm) process and Solution Dyed yarns for superior lightfastness, washability, and durability. Featuring one-piece construction, these mats are available in a wide range of sizes to fit any need and provide long-lasting protection.

Faux-Coir Logo Floor Mats mimic the natural style of coir doormats without the shedding issue. They are an excellent option for simplified one-color, outline-style logos.

Pin Berber Flocking Custom Logo Mats are an excellent choice for indoor applications when crisp image production is necessary. They also provide a subtle striated pattern that adds depth to the design.

These mats are an economical way to promote your brand with full-color graphics and are perfect for Anti Fatigue situations that require all-day standing. They are also impervious to sunlight and have a non-skid rubber surface that is safe for use on all surfaces, including carpets.


A custom logo rug can be an excellent gift for a family member, friend, or colleague. They can be personalized with their name, photo, or a special quote that says something meaningful. These can be gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other yearly occasions such as anniversaries.

Investing in a quality business logo rug can make your entrance look clean and inviting to your customers and clients. It also provides a barrier between the floor and the foot traffic that helps protect it from wear and tear as well as dirt, water, debris, and the hard pounding of shoes.

These custom logo rugs are available in many different styles to fit your needs. They come in various colors to match your company’s image and brand. These logo rugs are a great way to get your company’s name out there in the public eye and help boost brand recognition and loyalty.

If you’re looking for a custom logo mat, finding a company that offers quality products and customer support is essential. It’s also important to shop around and evaluate different companies. Please pay attention to their warranty, price, and customer reviews to ensure you get the best value.

Ultimate Mats offers a wide selection of high-quality logo rugs to suit all your needs. They’re perfect for indoor and outdoor use in lobbies, reception areas, service counters, and hallways. They’re durable, withstand heavy use, and come in various styles to match your brand’s image.

The most popular type of custom logo rug is the super Berber. This carpet style has a dense high/low hobnail pattern and is ideal for 1-2 color designs.

It’s made from a durable, absorbent, cut-pile carpet that makes for a thoughtful, straightforward logo design. It can be made to any size from 3′ x 4′ up to 10′ x 25′.

These rugs are easy to keep by vacuuming, extracting, hose-off, or steam cleaning as needed. They also feature a non-skid backing that works well on carpet or hard surfaces and helps prevent trips and slips.