There are a number of sites that accept photos to sell as stock, ranging from microstock sites that accept amateur photographers to the big-name players in the industry. Stock photography can be very rewarding if your pictures are the type they need. This is not the same as setting up a photo gallery – stock houses don’t want another sunset picture or a shot of your backyard rose bush.

It’s important to read all the instructions for submitting your photos. Most sites have a minimum resolution requirement and list the subject matter they are looking for. And most require model releases and possibly even property releases. If you’re looking to start making some $$$ for your photos, here are a number of sites to try.

Shutterstock – this is a subscription based stock site. It is free to submit photos, however users pay a monthly membership fee. The payout is $.0.25 for each photo download. Because this is a monthly fee, users will typically download multiple photos per month. Shutterstock is also now accepting Video Footage, with a payout of 30% of the purchase price which typically ranges from $69 to $199.

Dreamstime – this site has a generous compensation model. Purchases by users are done on a credit model, with a small photo (800×600) selling for 1 credit – up to a very large 8MP+ file selling for 4 credits. Photographers earn 50% of the sale – 60% if the image is exclusive to Dreamstime. There is also a sliding increasing scale based on the number of total downloads you have as a photographer. So as a beginner selling the smallest size photo, the payout starts at $0.50 and can range all the way to $4.80 per image for an exclusive 8MP+ photo. Definitely check these guys out if you are serious about selling your photos!

Fotolia – this is another credit based site, with the photographer payout starting at 33% for a non-exclusive photo. Currently 1 credit = $1.00, and Fotolia also has a increasing scale for number of files sold. The photographer has some control on setting the price for the image based on the file size and their overall ranking. At the top range for a 15MP+ photo the maximum selling price can be 100 credits for an exclusive photo – with a payout of 64%. This is a strong contender in the microstock industry and well worth a look.