OK so assuming that you don’t have any current cover have you thought about what it could be like travelling up the country late at night, in the middle of nowhere and breaking down, how are you going to get home?

Which https://www.topspeed.com/cars/what-does-a-car-s-factory-warranty-usually-cover-ar194363.html company should you get insurance from is another careful consideration The two largest breakdown figures (RAC & AA) are seen as costing more as they have a larger number of highway patrols and premier services, Green flag uses regional mechanics though out the UK and don’t pay extra for dedicated patrols which they argue is better because they have local knowledge and you don’t pay extra in your membership for the cost of branding patrols. However there is a sense of relief and perceived competence when seeing a branded patrol come to your rescue. Common sense dictates that a larger patrol force would mean that you should get assistance faster if your car broke down, response time is obviously paramount. Frequently people stay with the traditional branded companies, The AA has a member retention rate of around 95% partly because people want to be sure they will get the best service possible and don’t want to take the risk of going to a lesser known company. No matter who you go with there are going to be times when you have good and bad experiences with the company after all they will from time to time all make mistakes.

Perhaps the biggest question for anyone not too knowledgeable with regards to breakdown cover is what type of cover to get.. The starting level of cover for most companies is their roadside assistance, if your car breaks down then you are entitled to assistance a mechanic will be dispatched to your location who will use his expert training to get your car going again. If the mechanic can’t start your car again then he will give you a tow to the local car garage or to your home whichever is closer. The starting level of roadside cover can only be used if your more than ¼ of a mile away from your home. So the next option you need to consider is if you need to be covered at home. Just to make things clear If your car doesn’t start at home and it has a flat battery or you have locked yourself out/lost your key and your car is parked at home you would need a home recovery option.

If you’re a long distance away from home and you breakdown would you want to be taken back home or would it be satisfactory to be taken to a local garage remember that if your car breaks down at night it may be difficult to arrange transportation to get home, you could be many, many miles away. If you would like to be towed home no matter where you are in the UK then you need some kind of relay service. The final consideration is if you would want additional travel arrangements if you can’t get your car started again you can receive a courtesy car or hotel accommodation with an Onward travel package.